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Custodion Devices for Torion Portable GC-MS Specification Sheet



Our Custodion portfolio includes novel sample collection and injection devices used for in-field sampling and gas chromatographic (GC) injections. When used with the Torion® T-9 portable GC/MS system, the Custodion sampling devices are a quick, easy, and reliable way to collect and analyze complex samples in the field.

The Custodion handles were designed with the field user in mind. They’re made of hardened plastic for robust, durable operation, even while wearing heavy protective gear. The push-button trigger on top operates like a ballpoint pen. Each sampler comes with a screw-on/off cap to protect your samples during transport and storage.

The entire Custodion portfolio includes three different sampling devices that provide you with an all-encompassing, flexible solution that meet the diverse, changing needs of sample analysis in the field.

Custodion SPME (solid-phase microextraction) contains a 1 cm fiber coated with a material that traps, concentrates and removes chemical compounds from the sample matrix by adsorption. SPME is ideal for qualitative screening of liquid, solid, gas and soil samples by sampling the headspace over the sample matrix. SPME can be directly exposed to water samples to extract chemical contaminants, as well as collect VOC profiles of fuels, fragrances and food/beverages.