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OilPrep 8 Oil Diluter Flyer

Oilprep eight-tip oil diluter


Need high throughput sample preparation for wear metals and particle count analyses? The OilPrep 8 is a dedicated eight-tip oil diluter that automatically dilutes oil samples with kerosene (V-Solv ICP solvent), in preparation for wear metals and particle counting/sizing analyses by inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES) and single particle optical sizing (SPOS), such as with the Avio® ICP-OES and LPC 500 Liquid Particle Counter.

Some key benefits include:

  • High throughput – Significantly improves productivity and efficiency versus manual or single-tip systems. Diluting up to 500 samples per hour, one OilPrep 8 oil diluter can prepare approximately 4000 samples in 8 hours.
  • Flexibility – Innovative Varispan ® technology provides automatic computer-controlled variable sample probe spacing for multi-tipped processing of original sample containers.
  • Time Savings – Unlike alternate technologies, PerkinElmer’s Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensing is not impacted by individual sample viscosities, color, or external lighting.

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