Case Study

Customer Story: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences - Offering Students Latest Technology for Building Relevant Analytical Skills



For higher educational institutions to continue to attract the highest caliber of students it is critical to have up-to-date technologies accessible in teaching laboratories. Historically, operational budgets have been limited and with intermittent use, universities could not justify the purchase. However, the PerkinElmer’s Avio® 200 ICP-OES overcomes this barrier with new technology dramatically reducing the cost of operation for research and low throughput laboratories at institutions such as Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Adding value to Western Norway’s educational program, the Avio 200 provides students with the opportunity to develop relevant analytical skills. With the unique optical design, the Avio 200 only requires a 10-minute warmup when powered on – it is perfect for an academic setting where the instrument will see intermittent use throughout a day or month. Combined with the low argon consumption while in operation resulting from the flat-plate design, the Avio 200 is the perfect instrument for universities to use in both teaching and research scenarios.