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Custodion Sampling Devices for Portable GC-MS Interactive Brochure

Custodion sampling devices for portable GC-MS


Crime scenes, chemical spills, environmental contaminants – our Custodion family of sampling devices enable you to accurately analyze and get the results you need, quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re testing gaseous compounds, liquid phases, or solid materials, there’s a Custodion solution specially designed for you and your science. Unlike ordinary syringes, ours are easy to handle – even while wearing bulky protective gear – so you can analyze samples with perfect precision every time.

Our one-handed Custodion syringes feature a hard-plastic design and retractable ballpoint pen-style handle, making it versatile and easy for you to operate in the field. The click-button actuator at the top of the handle enables the syringe to function as both a collection device and gas chromatography (GC) injector simply by extending or retracting the SPME fiber/CME wire from the protective, blunt 19-gauge needle.

What’s more, the Custodion design allows the Torion® T-9 to be the only portable GC/MS on the market that can easily transition from one Custodion sampling device to another without changing the instrument interface. So you can remain focused on the task at hand.