Application Note

Determination of Low Level SVOCs in Drinking Water Using the Liquid-Liquid Extraction and GC/MS Large Volume Injection Method

Determination of low level SVOCs in drinking water


Semivolatile organic compounds are readily found in the environment, and pose a threat to human and animal health. As such, most nations have placed limits on the amount and types of SVOCs that can be released into the environment, owing to their difficult degradation and numerous sources. One of the most widely referenced methods for the analysis of SVOCs in environmental matrices is US EPA Method 8270D.

In this application note, results are presented from an analysis utilizing Method 8270D with a fast and simple single-step liquid-liquid extraction technique, followed by a large-volume direct injection of the extract into a PerkinElmer Clarus® SQ8 GC/MS with a D-Swafer system for concentration, separation and quantification.