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Application Note

Multi-residue Analysis of Pesticides in Animal Feed Using the QSight LC/MS/MS

Multi-residue Analysis of Pesticides using LC-MS/MS


Pesticides are employed in the growing of crops to prevent damage from a number of pests and fungi. When crops are grown to produce feed for livestock, there is a potential for pesticides residues to remain on the feeding stuffs, posing a risk to the livestock ingesting them. Pesticide residues are regulated by a number of governmental agencies, necessitating analytical methods that are robust enough to analyze complex matrices for a variety of analytes, while also being sensitive and selective enough to meet stringent regulations. In this application note, a fast, sensitive, and selective multi-residue method has been developed for the analysis of 94 pesticides in animal feeding stuffs, with reporting limits below European Commission MRLs of 0.01 mg/kg.