Application Note

Analysis of Dried Distiller's Grain (DDG) Using DA 7250 Diode Array Based High Speed Analysis System


Analysis of Dried Distiller’s Grain (DDGs) is an important aspect of Ethanol Production and Feed Manufacturing. The composition affects processing of the materials and the profitability of selling & buying this important by-product /ingredient. Ethanol producers can use the real time analysis to monitor and control the process. Monitoring moisturecontent allows operators to optimize the drying process ensuring an acceptable end product while reducing energy usage. Feed plants can use the system to monitor suppliers, optimize formulation, and for cost control of ingredients. The Diode Array 7250 can analyze DDGs for the aforementioned constituents. The large spot size and analysis area remove the effects of sample heterogeneity thereby producing more reliable and representative results. The speed allows users to easily and accurately analyze many samples a day in nearly real-timewith no sample prep or clean-up.