Application Note

Analysis of Properties of Soymeal Using FT 9700 FT-NIR Analyzer


Major nutritional components of soymeal, such as moisture, protein, and fat, can have a key influence on the animals' growth and, ultimately, the overall profits of farmers. Therefore, accurate analysis of these nutritional parameters of soymeal is highly important to allow producers to ensure that they are meeting the end-users specific needs. Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, on the other hand, can rapidly quantify these parameters without the need for solvents or lengthy sample preparation. When combined with chemometric techniques, such as partial least squares (PLS), NIR spectroscopy can provide a fast and accurate method to quantifying these key nutritional parameters in soymeal at any stage of the production process. This works shows the analysis of soymeal performed by FT 9700 FT-NIR analyzer.