Application Note

Analysis of Oxygenates and Aromatics Using ASTM Method D4815 and D5580


Gasoline samples are complex and a single column solution is not always readily available for the required analysis. As such, solutions that have multiple columns, valves, backflushing and heartcutting ability have been developed to overcome these challenging separations. The resulting standardized methods can have a complex series of columns and valves that limit the flexibility of a gas chromatograph (GC) to analyze samples for other analytes. Removing and installing column sets is time consuming and causes instrument downtime with subsequent loss of productivity.

Flexibility is a key attribute in the decision to purchase capital equipment for the increase in productivity and return on investment. The PerkinElmer Model Arnel 4004 analyzer utilizes the same column set and valving for ASTM D4815 and ASTM D5580 enabling greater sample flexibility.