Application Note

Rapid Analysis of Residual Ethylene Oxide (EO) in Drug Packaging Materials by HS-GC/FID


Ethylene oxide (EO) is a highly reactive, toxic and flammable gas which can act as an irritant to humans at room temperature. Since the 1950s, EO has been utilized for the sterilization of medical instruments that cannot be exposed to moisture or high temperatures, including those made of polymers, plastics or those containing electronic components. Although the EO method ensures medical instruments can be sterilized without the deleterious effects of high-temperature sterilization, potentially dangerous side effects are possible, namely owing to the hazardous nature of the chemical.

In this application note, a rapid analytical method for the determination of EO in medical supplies was established using a PerkinElmer Clarus® GC/FID with the TurboMatrix HS-40. Empower® software was utilized throughout the entire experiment. This method demonstrates results with high efficiency, good linearity, sensitivity and repeatability for EO analysis.