Application Note

Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Soil by HS-GC/FID



Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a series of compounds with high vapor pressure and boiling points from 50 to 250 degrees centigrade. These characteristics lead to the tendency for large numbers of molecules to evaporate, or volatilize, from their solid state into the air. VOCs are present in the environment from a number of sources, both anthropogenic and naturally occurring. In soil, VOCs are mainly derived from discharged industrial and domestic sewage, oil spills, and chemical solvent leakages. Monitoring of VOC contamination in soils by both qualitative and quantitative analyses is important to ensure that the potential negative health impacts of VOC exposure are mitigated. In this study, thirty seven VOCs are investigated in a soil matrix, using a PerkinElmer Clarus® GC/FID and TurboMatrix HS-40. Detailed instrument method parameters are presented with precision, linearity and reporting limit results.