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Application Note

Tri-Range Applications of the Spectrum 3 Infrared Spectrometer



Spectroscopic analysis of glass used in both construction and the automotive industry is required to determine several very important parameters such as emissivity of glass to investigate their energy-saving capability. These measurements are carried out in the Mid- and Far-infrared regions. Infrared spectroscopy has also become a standard method in the analysis of pharmaceutical materials with the advantage of being fast and non-destructive. The near and mid-infrared regions are the most commonly used as they can provide detailed information about chemical structure (mid-infrared) and physicochemical properties (near-infrared). However, there are also some research applications of far-infrared spectroscopy such as the determination of solid-state structural properties and polymorphism studies.

This application note demonstrates the ability of the PerkinElmer Spectrum 3 to measure in multiple regions of the infrared spectrum to provide an all-in-one infrared solution for a wide variety of markets.