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Changes in temperature affect fluorescence intensity. A simple, inexpensive and accurate way to control sample temperature is to use a thermostattable cell holder through which water from an external water-bath can be circulated. For temperature ramping studies and experiments where more rapid heating and cooling is required, a single-cell Peltier-thermostatted accessory is available.

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  • PerkinElmer

    Microplate Reader Thermostatic Accessory

    This optional accessory fits the Microplate Reader (N4201024). It controls the temperature of the microplates via circulating water. Achievable temperature range using this accessore with:

    • a water bath: ambient to 100°C
    • a Peltier Controller: -5 to 100°C

    A thermostatting device, such as the Peltier controller (N4100040) or a water bath (B0080171), is required, but not included.

    List Price : 2090.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Total Emission Accessory

    The Total Emission Accessory enhances the sensitivity of the fluorescence detection for samples with weak emission, and is recommended for bioluminescence and chemiluminescence experiments. The accessory uses a plane mirror that swings into place in front of the emission monochromator so that the total fluorescence of the sample can be measured.
    List Price : 1480.00 USD
  • Sipper Cell and Pump Accessory

    The Sipper Cell and Pump Accessory automates liquid sampling by transfering liquid samples from a holding vessel to the cell, freeing the technician do perform other tasks. The accessory includes a 16 µL volume flow cell and a peristaltic pump controlled by the LS 55/50B Series software.
    List Price : 3860.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Single Position Thermostatted-Cell Holder With Stirrer

    This Single Position Thermostatted-Cell Holder has a magnetic stirrer and accommodates a 10 mm path length cell. It is water-thermostattable and includes six stirrer fleas.

    List Price : 1380.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Single Position Water-Thermostatted Cell Holder

    The Single Position Water-Thermostatted Cell holder accommodates a 10 mm path length cell. It requires, but does not include, a water bath. This cell holder ships standard with the LS 45 and LS 55 instruments.

    List Price : 866.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Phosphorescence Sample Tube - Qty. 5

    The Phosphorescence Sample Tube is made of synthetic fused silica, has an inner diameter of 2 mm, an outer diameter of 4 mm and is 75 mm long. This tube ships with the Low Temperature Phosphorescence Accessory (L2250136). With this part number, this tube can be ordered separately to replenish lab supplies. Qty. 5
    List Price : 1380.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Single Cell Peltier Accessory for Fluorescence

    The Single Cell Peltier Accessory is ideal for fluorescence experiments that require rapid heating and cooling. This accessory has a temperature range of 0° to 100°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. Temperature can be controlled via a keypad or the optional TempScan Software. This holder requires, but does not include, a water circulator or other source of liquid cooling. User guide is included.

    List Price : 9400.00 USD
  • Well Plate Reader Accessory - 260 nm Excitation, 340 nm Emission

    The Well Plate Reader Accessory allows you to switch from a cuvette-based system to a well-plate reader in seconds. It is front-mounted, providing easy access to standard well plates up to 96-positions. This accessory has silica fibers for work about 260 nm (Excitation) and 340 nm (Emission). It has four modes of measurements: fluorescence, phosphorescence, bioluminescence, and chemiluminescence.
    List Price : 10400.00 USD
  • Biokinetics Accessory

    The Biokinetics Accessory is a magnetically-stirred single-cell holder with a built-in temperature sensor (0–100ºC) and an event marker. It requires, but does not include, an external water bath. It accommodates 10 mm pathlength cuvettes and includes six stirrer fleas (04978499).

    List Price : 1790.00 USD