Lateral Flow Immunoassay


The lateral flow immunoassay is a convenient, rapid, strip-based technology for the detection of small molecules, including antibiotics and toxins, by harnessing the ability of purified antibodies to bind to one another in a highly specific and concerted movement along a membrane. We offer a range of lateral flow test strip products that can give farmers, factory workers, and scientists in numerous food industries the solutions they need to qualitatively and quantitatively confirm that the material they produce is safe for the consumer or ready for further downstream processing.

Lateral flow test strips are designed to detect specific target antibiotics or analytes in a variety of sample types with high specificity and accuracy in accordance with various regulatory agencies such as the USDA, European Union and CODEX maximum residual limits (MRL). The testing procedure can be completed in minutes with minimal opportunities for error, as PerkinElmer strives to make the end-user testing experience as friendly, efficient, and accurate as possible. Results can be interpreted visually or with a PerkinElmer Lateral Flow Reader.

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