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Parts, reagents, and consumables for Falling Number, RVA, Glutomatic, LactoScopes, IM 9500, IM 8800, DA 7250, DA 7350, DA 7440 and other dedicated food testing instruments.

Falling Number 1000
Falling Number 1000

Falling Number

World Standard test for determination of sprout damage in grain. The Perten Falling Number® line of instruments from PerkinElmer are the accepted instruments around the world for detection of sprout damaged wheat and barley. The instruments are also used to blend wheats and flours to meet specific end-use requirements as well as to determine malt and fungal amylase addition.

Rapid Visco Analyser 4800
Rapid Visco Analyser 4800

RVA (Rapid Visco Analyser)

The RVA (Rapid Visco Analyser®) Performance Analysers can be vital tools for food R&D, product developers, and ingredient manufacturers. They can be used as a mini-pilot plants to test the effects of new ingredients, new suppliers, and new formulations thereby saving time and resources. They are also used to screen ingredients to keep out and materials that can cause re-work, scrap, or even line/plant shutdowns.

Suggested Products

LactoScope FT-A Dairy Analyzer
LactoScope FT-A Dairy Analyzer

LactoScope Milk Analyzer

The LactoScope FTA is a dedicated milk analyzer designed for today’s dairy plant requirements. Whether the product to be tested is milk for consumption or milk as an ingredient, the LactoScope meets testing needs for accuracy, ease-of-use, and sample throughput.

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