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Flour and Dough Testing

Uniformity and reproducibility are paramount in baking, milling and pasta making operations to ensure customers can depend on the quality and consistency of the products they buy. PerkinElmer’s industry leading doughLab is a flexible and robust rheometer that can measure flour water absorption, dough development time, stability, softening, and mixing tolerance index. Offering the flexibility to perform either the traditional 20-minute test or the ACCI 54-70.01 approved high-speed mixing 10-minute test, the doughLab enables increased throughput and efficiency, with simple operation for ingredient processors, bakeries and laboratories alike.

Incorporating programmable mixing speeds and temperature settings, the doughLab aids users in better understanding and measuring the response of dough and raw materials to changing stressors. A number of convenient features, such as detachable components and automated water dispensing make operation and cleaning between samples both easy and efficient, while a Windows-based software design makes instrument data interpretation.



CGI approved analysis of flour water absorption, dough development and mixing tolerance. The doughLAB determines water absorption of flour, dough development time and other dough mixing parameters.

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