Education & Training

Unlock everything your instrument has to offer through training and education!

PerkinElmer has options to suit every student. From new user courses in a traditional classroom environment at our Centers of excellence, to a customized troubleshooting training by our experience scientists in the comfort of your own lab… PerkinElmer has a training that is right for you.

Through education, you will gain knowledge and insights into the latest techniques, not only increasing your confidence, but also unlocking the full potential of your PerkinElmer instrument.

Due to recent global events, certain training options may be affected. Please contact Training below or your local PerkinElmer representative to understand specific training scheduling and availability in your region.

Education & Training Services

Classroom training and Training E-Portal

Classroom courses are offered at PerkinElmer Centers of Excellence located throughout the Americas, Europe, India and Asia. Each classroom training program help ...

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Basic Onsite Training

Training delivered at your facility to ensure operators understand the fundamentals of their instrument. This hands-on training delivered at your facility is an ...

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Advanced Onsite Training

Specialized Field Application Scientist teaching you right in your lab. Advanced Onsite training is conducted by a specialized Field Application Scientist right ...

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