Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)


Accurately characterize the modulus, compliance, damping and other bulk properties of materials using our Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) solutions. Our state-of-the art instrumentation measures changes in rheological behavior under dynamic conditions as a function of temperature, time, frequency, stress, atmosphere, or a combination of these parameters. Applications and measurements include:

  • Stress-strain
  • Creep recovery
  • Thermomechanical
  • Moisture induced phase transitions
  • Moisture sensitive materials like paper, natural fibers, and food products
  • Swelling, shrinking and stiffness changes as humidity changes
  • Plasticizing and Tg effects as seen in nylon and polyurethanes

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  • DMA 8000 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

    DMA 8000 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

    The DMA 8000 is flexible and cost effective. Its innovative design, high functionality, and flexible operation make it ideal for advanced research and routine quality testing in the polymers, composites, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

    We stand firmly behind our products and now offer a 5 YEAR PARTS ONLY FURNACE WARRANTY with new instruments.

  • PerkinElmer

    PMMA for Diamond DMA, 0.2mm x 8mm x 40mm

    Set of 10 for Tension Measuring System, Dimensions: 0. 2mm x 8mm x40mm,
    List Price : 88.00 USD
  • HGC20

    HGC20 Humidity Generator

    The humidity generator enables reliable control of the relative humidity, in the range of 5% to 90%, within the small environmental measuring chamber.  The HGC20 is controlled through the integrated touch screen.
  • PerkinElmer

    Fluid Bath Container

    The Fluid Bath Container is a component of the Fluid Bath Accessory. With this part number, this container can be ordered as a replacement or spare bath chamber. Qty. 1

    List Price : 145.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Provectus Balance Module

    The Provectus Balance Module is a replacement balance for the Provectus Balance system which requires both the balance and a controller unit in order to be fully functional. With this part number, you can order the balance component of this system as a replacement or spare part. Qty. 1
    List Price : 19500.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 2644.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Provectus Balance Controller Unit

    The Provectus Balance Controller Unit is a replacement controller for the Provectus Balance System which requires both the balance and controller in order to be fully functional. With this part number, you can order the controller component of this system as a replacement or spare part. Qty. 1
    List Price : 8600.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Standard Sample Pan Crimper Head - Replacement

    This replacement Crimper Head is a replacement part for the Standard Sample Pan Crimper Press (02190048). With this part number, you can purchase a crimper head as a replacement or spare.

    List Price : 412.00 USD
  • Calibrating Weight - Class 1.1, 100 mg

    The Class 1.1 Calibrating Weight is 100 mg, per ASTM E617. It is used to calibrate the PYRIS 1 TGA Standard and High-Temperature instruments.

    List Price : 538.00 USD
  • 2811.jpg

    Filter Dryer Kit

    Filter Dryer Kit removes moisture and particulates from your purge gas. Includes all the necessary fittings needed to make pneumatic connections easy
    List Price : 409.00 USD
  • List Price : 275.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Sealing Insert for Autosampler Sample Pans - 10, 30, and 50 µL

    The Sealing Insert for 10µL, 30µL and 50µL Autosampler Sample Pans is one of the interchangeable inserts required by the Universal Crimper Press (B0139005). With this insert, you can crimp hermetically-sealed or volatile pans, such as Autosampler Pans and Covers (B0169319).

    List Price : 79.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Fiber Clamp Assembly - Top

    The Fiber Clamp Plate Assembly is a component of the Stainless Steel Extension Measuring System (N5390132). It is the top half of the Filter Clamp Assembly. It includes a steel plate, 0.45 (L) x 0.14 (W) in and coated in titanium nitrate, with an aperture, .089 in diameter, at each end. Installation hardware is also included.

    List Price : 419.00 USD
  • Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit

    This kit includes Quick Press (09908467), Quick Press Spacer Die (03191047), 1 pair of guard Ring Inserts (03190236), and 20 of each Pan, Cover and O-Ring (03190218). Pans can withstand an internal pressure of 24 bar, which allows water samples to be heated higher than 100 °C. Each pan has an operating range of -40 °C to 300 °C, unless otherwise limited by the sample vapor pressure.
    List Price : 2124.00 USD
  • DMA Ceramic Thermocouple Insulator

    The DMA Ceramic Thermocouple Insulator is typically ships with the DMA 7 Spares kit and other accessory kits such as the DMA Dual Cantilever accessory. With this part number, this insulator is available for order as a replacement or spare part.

    List Price : 23.00 USD
  • Quartz Sample Tube for high-temperature furnace

    Required for the expansion, penetration, compression and flexure modes of operation. Used with high temperature furnace, part of Quartz Parallel Plate System Kit (Product Number: N5390138)
    List Price : 629.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Tablet Measuring System - Moving Plate

    The Tablet Fixed Plate is a component of the DMA 8000 Table Clamp System. This titanium plate is 22 (L) x 14 (W) x 4 (H) mm. One side is V-grooved and the other side has a round groove to allow a wide range of specimens to be held.

    List Price : 319.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 232.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 244.00 USD
  • Tare Weight Set

    The Tare Weight Set consists of 12 stainless steel, flat body weights, ranging from 1 to 500 mg. Each weight is labeled with its weight value. Weight values meet ASTM 6 Class tolerances. This set also includes a set of forceps. This set can be ordered separately using this part number.

    List Price : 63.00 USD
  • List Price : 77.00 USD
  • Standard Stirrup Kit - Qty. 2

    The Standard Stirrup Kit includes two matched stirrups consisting of a hook, stirrup ring, and frame designed to support a sample pan sitting inside the stirrup ring. These stirrups are used with the Provectus 6500 Ultramicrobalance and ship with the Provectus 6500 Installation Kit.

    List Price : 202.00 USD
  • Autosampler Crimper Accessory Kit

    The Autosampler Crimper Accessory Kit supplies the inserts and sample handling supplies used by the Universal Crimper Press (B0139005) to crimp autosampler pans.

    List Price : 578.00 USD
  • Flat Round Forceps

    These stainless steel straight forceps are hooked, non-magnetic, and non-serrated.

    List Price : 68.00 USD
  • Quick Press

    Included in the Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit (P/N 03190021).
    List Price : 1434.00 USD
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