Accessories and consumables for your Arnel analyzer provide the tools you need to keep you system running, day in and day out.

Calibration Material

Our calibration gas blends were formulated to be used exclusively in our Refinery and Natural Gas Analyzers. These are the same test gases that are used in the verification and validation processes that take place at our factory.

Column Sets

Our column replacement sets are available for a wide range of applications. From refinery and natural gas to specific and also including many standard methods, ASTM and trace gases for example.
Arnel Fused Silica Adapters Page
Arnel Fused Silica Adapters Page

Fused Silica Adapters

These adapters allow connection of fused silica to unions, valves and ports.


The use of a methanizer facilitates detection of very low concentrations of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Nuts and Ferrules

Select from a comprehensive range of nuts and ferrules for your application needs.

Permeation Tubes

Full NIST traceability using established EPA and ASTM protocols by using the appropriate combination of permeation devices. The permeation tubes are certified to be permeating at a certain weigh and threshold (~+/– 2%). Uncertified tubes have an estimated rate and a very large threshold, up to + /– 25%.
Arnel Sample Loops
Arnel Sample Loops

Sample Loops

A range of stainless steel sample loops are available for varying applications; with injection volumes from 100 µL to 5 mL and options for 6, 8 or 10 port valves. The Arnel sample loops are set apart from standard stainless steel loops due to the materials that are used in their manufacture.

Unions and Tees

A number of stainless steel union and tees are readily available.
Arnel Valve Page
Arnel Valve Page


A majority of the Arnel configurations utilize two different types of valves. Most can be categorized as external volume injectors while the other type is an internal sample injector.
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Product Type
  • Accessories (29)
  • Consumables (50)
Product Brand Name
  • Swagelok (1)
  • Valco (5)
  • Silica (1)
  • Stainless Steel (19)
Volume Capacity
  • 1 mL (3)
  • 100 µL (4)
  • 2 mL (3)
  • 250 µL (3)
  • 5 mL (3)
  • 500 µL (2)
Inner Diameter
  • 0.062 in (1)
  • 0.125 in (1)
  • 1/16 in (14)
  • 1/8 in (4)
  • 20 µm (1)
  • 41-50 (1)
  • Q PLOT (1)
Product Group
  • Connectors (1)
  • Nuts (1)
  • Rotors (5)
  • Valves (1)
  • Cartridge (13)
  • Conventional (2)
Technology Type
  • Gas Chromatography (GC) (8)
  • Liquid Chromatography (LC) (1)

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