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We offer a wide array of column holders for LC cartridge columns, including finger-tight holders that can be used with MPLC, Prep-10, and Pecosphere columns.

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Pipetting Arms
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"Column Holders" 1-32 of 32 Products & Services

NewGuard Holder

Brownlee NewGuard/CHOICE Holder

Holds a single NewGuard or CHOICE cartridge for use with conventional HPLC columns.
List Price : 2910.00 SEK
100 mm Holder

Brownlee 10 cm Holder

Holds a single MPLC 10 cm cartridge.
List Price : 2970.00 SEK

Brownlee Cartridge Column Union

For direct coupling of two Cartridge columns.
List Price : 2040.00 SEK
30 mm Holder

Brownlee 3 cm Holder

Holds a single MPLC and CHOICE 3 cm cartridge.
List Price : 3100.00 SEK
150 mm Holder

15 cm Peco/MPLC Holder

Holds a single MPLC cartridge.
List Price : 2830.00 SEK
List Price : 4700.00 SEK
List Price : 1880.00 SEK
List Price : 4030.00 SEK

Seals for MPLC Holders, Pkg 2

Includes two 7000 psi seals. Requires Seal replacement Kit Tools which are included in P/N 07150023.
List Price : 640.00 SEK
List Price : 530.00 SEK
250 mm Holder

25 cm MPLC Holder

Holds a single 25 cm MPLC cartridge.
List Price : 3590.00 SEK

3 cm Scavenger Cartridge Holder

Solvent filters remove unwanted particulate matter from the LC instrument.
List Price : 3560.00 SEK
NewGuard End Assembly

Brownlee NewGuard End Assembly

Upgrades a 30 mm holder to a NewGuard holder.
List Price : 1800.00 SEK
250 mm Prep-10 Holder

25 cm Prep-10 Holder

Holds a single Prep-10 cartridge.
List Price : 5870.00 SEK
130 mm System Holder

13 cm Brownlee MPLC System Holder

For direct coupling of a 3 cm and 10cm Cartridge.
List Price : 3620.00 SEK
List Price : 580.00 SEK
220 mm Holder

Brownlee 22 cm Holder

Holds a single 22 cm cartridge.
List Price : 3070.00 SEK
220 mm Holder Body

Brownlee 22 cm Holder Body

Holder Component that houses the cartridge for HPLC columns.
List Price : 1140.00 SEK
List Price : 1220.00 SEK
220 mm NewGuard System Holder

22 cm Brownlee NewGuard System Holder

Holder for a NewGuard and coupled cartridge.
List Price : 6150.00 SEK
100 mm Holder Body
List Price : 2310.00 SEK

Brownlee Universal Holder Kit

The Universal Holder Kit includes all the components required to use a Brownlee analytical cartridge of any length with a NewGuard. Includes 10 cm and 22 cm holder bodies, 2 end assemblies, 1 union, 1 NewGuard end assembly.
List Price : 8530.00 SEK
End Assembly

Brownlee End Assembly

Holder Component for HPLC columns.
List Price : 1190.00 SEK

PEEK tip standard fittings

PEEK tips are constructed with maximum corrosion resistance.
List Price : 260.00 SEK
Universal Holder Kit

3 cm PECO Column Holder

The patented MPLC cartridge system ensures leak-free operation up to 7000 psi, with only finger-tightening. Thehigh-pressure seal in each end assembly actually seals tighter as pressure increases. No wrenches are required, andthere is no need to disconnect any tubing to your LC system when changing a cartridge. Each MPLC cartridge canbe directly coupled to another using a union.
List Price : 3520.00 SEK

Seal Replacement Kit for MPLC Holders

Contains required tools and two 7,000 psi seals for MPLC Holders.
List Price : 2080.00 SEK
List Price : 520.00 SEK
List Price : 10100.00 SEK
83 mm Pecosphere Holder

8 cm PECO Holder

PerkinElmer's Peco cartridges (including Fast LC) are available with MPLCĀ® holders. Three cartridge lengths (30, 80, and 150 mm) are available in 4.6 mm i.d. Additionally, the Peco cartridges are still compatible with the "old-style" Peco cartridge holders (wrenchtightened). Three Peco silica-based supports are available.
List Price : 4180.00 SEK
100 mm NewGuard System Holder

10 cm Brownlee NewGuard/MPLC System Holder

For direct coupling of NewGuard and 10cm Cartridge columns.
List Price : 5270.00 SEK
List Price : 870.00 SEK

10mm Guard cartridge holder with filter

The Brownlee conventional column pre-filter and guard column holder systems allow you to select from three different levels of column protection that couple directly to the head of your column.
List Price : 2240.00 SEK

"Column Holders" 1-32 of 32 Products & Services