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Cyclonic Spray Chamber and Adapter Kit

The cyclonic spray chamber is an integral part of the sample introduction system responsible for filtering the sample mist to permit the appropriate droplet size distribution to reach the plasma.

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The cyclonic spray chamber relies on momentum to efficiently and quickly remove the larger droplets from the sample mist decreasing any opportunity for occlusion or agglomeration of the smaller droplets.

The result is higher efficiency, better precision, and faster washouts than other spray chamber designs. There are a number of design characteristics unique to our spray chambers:

  • The nebulizer port is oversized so that sample solution cannot build up around the nebulizer as it will in other cyclonic designs. This translates to less carryover, faster washout times, and greater productivity from your Optima.
  • The nebulizer port angle is tightly controlled so that the nebulizer mist impacts on the same chamber wall area in each and every spray chamber. The angle of incidence is critical in determining the efficiency of large droplet removal.
  • A trace metal free plastic nebulizer adaptor is employed to fix the depth of nebulizer insertion at the optimal position. Because of this, there is no need for an operator to move the nebulizer in and out of the port in an effort to locate the "sweet spot".
  • Each spray chamber incorporates a precisely machined ridge along the inside top of the spray chamber. Both the angle and depth of the ridge are critical to performance. The result is efficient draining of sample waste and the elimination of large droplets being swept into the plasma. This eliminates the periodic "spiking" that adversely affects precision and fosters faster washout times.

In addition to the obvious performance and reliability benefits afforded by our spray chambers, you will save significant time and expense in two areas: <./p>

  • Decreased sample introduction system installation and optimization time due to the preset nature of the spray chamber/nebulizer combination.
  • More samples per hour due to minimal dead volume and efficient draining.


Product Group Spray Chamber Replacement Parts
Type Cyclonic