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Ensuring the Food Supply is Real, Unadulterated Goodness

Protecting the world’s food supply and managing the pressures of a global supply chain is critical, complicated work. So you need a partner who can work across geographic and cultural boundaries to help you improve your outcomes – and nourish your brands and the bottom line.

Feature Adulterant Screen

PerkinElmer’s New Adulterant Screen software on our FT-IR and NIR systems, allows everyone in your lab can be a food-fraud specialist. That’s because it enables you to perform pass/ fail screening for adulterants and authenticity, with no sample preparation and no scientific background required, in a minute or less. Setup is simple, too, with customizable workflows and powerful results visualization features that you can easily add extra safeguards into ingredient authentication and materials verification processes. Learn More

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Food Testing Application Compendium

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2014 IFT Innovation Award

We have been awarded the 2014 IFT Innovation Award for our DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer, which applies advanced algorithms to screen for both known and unknown adulterants in milk powder as well performs the same fast nutritional parameter measurements routinely used for protein, moisture and fat. Helping manufacturers defend against fraud, DairyGuard was chosen from 27 entries by a panel of judges, for its innovative and advanced screening technology and solving a global issue of one of the most important worldwide food sources. Learn more about DairyGuard