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Ensuring the Food Supply is Real, Unadulterated Goodness

Protecting the world’s food supply and managing the pressures of a global supply chain is critical, complicated work. So you need a partner who can work across geographic and cultural boundaries to help you improve your outcomes – and nourish your brands and the bottom line.

Wandashan Dairy Ensures Safety of Infant Milk Powder

Chinese consumers remain distrustful of locally produced dairy products, however Wandashan Dairy is recognized by the Chinese government as one of the country’s most valuable brands. Read More

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AxION™ 2 DSA-TOF/MS receives 2013 Food Expo Innovation Award


PerkinElmer was honored for amazing advancements with AxION™ 2 DSA-TOF/MS, which eliminates time-consuming sample preparation steps and front-end gas or liquid chromatography. This technology allows for the direct analysis of food samples in a few seconds. It can be used for rapid measurement of food adulteration, contamination, and characterization with minimal sample preparation and no chromatography. Learn more about AxION™ 2 DSA-TOF/MS