Infrared (IR) Instruments


For accurate, reliable analytical results in fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy, look no further than our wide range of instruments that cover near-, mid-, and far-infrared regions.

  • Superior spectroscopic performance in demanding applications
  • Fully integrated, robust universal sampling for trouble-free measurements
  • Unrivalled flexibility -- we offer a unique selection of specialized application accessories in addition to standard sampling options
  • Portability options are ideal for use in laboratory or remote-testing environment
  • Surprisingly simple to upgrade in the field, the optical system can be configured to use microscopy and imaging systems
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Intuitive software

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  • DairyGuard (1)
  • Frontier (3)
  • OilExpress (1)
  • Spectrum Two (4)
  • Spotlight (3)
  • IR (2)
  • Thermal Analysis (1)
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  • Infrared (10)

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Spotlight 400N FT-NIR Imaging System

The Spotlight 400N combines state-of-the art imaging technology and full automation, maximizing productivity and accelerating problem solving.


The Frontier Optica is an FT-IR spectrometer developed specifically to meet the demands of the optical filters and specialty glass and coatings industries.

Spotlight 200i FT-IR Microscopy System

Spotlight 200i FTIR Microscope System is a high-performance microscopy platform, designed to generate high-quality, reproducible data from a variety of sample types.

Spotlight 400 FT-IR Imaging System

The Spotlight 400 FTIR Imaging System combines high sensitivity and rapid imaging with ease-of-use. The ability to image rapidly large sample areas at high spacial resolution (down to 10 microns) extends IR microscopy into new applications.


The Frontier™ IR/FIR system combines optimum performance in both mid- and far-IR regions, enabling you to readily adapt the system to match your exacting research needs.

Spectrum Two Lubricants Analysis System

The method ready in-service lubricants analyser provides everything you need to analyse samples to industry standards, following ASTM and JOAP methodology. Remarkably easy to use, you can be confident in generating consistent quality spectra.


The Biodiesel IR FAME Analyzer is comprised of a Frontier™ FT-IR spectrometer with the appropriate ATR or transmission accessory, and Spectrum 10™ software and includes the ability to configure for the ASTM D7371-07 or the EN 14078:2003 methodology.

DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer

DairyGuard™ Milk Powder Analyzer applies advanced algorithms to screen for known and unknown economic adulterants in milk powder, as well as performing the same fast measurements routinely used for protein, moisture, and fat monitoring today. 
Spectrum Two IR Spectrometer - L160000A

Spectrum Two IR Spectrometer

Spectrum Two™ is the IR spectrometer of choice for everybody, everywhere. Ideally suited to everyday analysis, you can confidently perform fast, accurate IR analysis and assure the quality of your materials across a wide range of applications.

OilExpress 4 XL DUO

OilExpress™ 4 XL DUO is the ultimate system that delivers highly automated, rapid, reliable oil condition monitoring results using recognized industry standard protocols such as ASTM®, JOAP and Caterpillar® S•O•S℠.
Spectrum Two Biodiesel Analysis System - L160000R

Spectrum Two Biodiesel Analysis System

These method ready fuels analysers provide everything you need to analyse samples to industry standards, following ASTM and EN methodology. Compact, robust and completely transportable, samples can be run either in the main lab or in remote location.


The Frontier™ IR/NIR system enables you to benefit from faster method development, reduced instrument costs and increased productivity.
Spectrum Two Environmental Hydrocarbons System - L160000S

Spectrum Two EH D7066 Analysis System

The Spectrum Two measures hydrocarbons in water or soil provides everything you need to analyze samples to a range of industry standards including ASTM D7066. 

"Infrared (IR) Instruments" 1-13 of 13 Products and Services