Analytics Services

Our suite of holistic laboratory and asset analytics offerings includes a web portal, mobile app, interactive dashboards, connected instrument utilization, RFID powered asset location, and data-driven prescriptive recommendations. These powerful tools enable you to:

  • Conveniently monitor lab instruments around the globe in real-time
  • Improve lab efficiencies
  • Optimize operating and capital expenses
  • Improve lab performance through actionable recommendations from our data analysts and domain experts
  • Benchmark your performance against global peers and leverage best practices

OneSource Platform

Offers convenient access to asset and service data in real time regardless of the instrument location. Accessible via Web Portal or Mobile App. Customizable Dashboards allow users to view and analyze data to minimize bottlenecks and ensure instruments are up and running.

  • View up-to-date inventory and asset location
  • Analyze service call and downtime distribution
  • Review service history & upcoming service events
  • Log service requests just by scanning a tag on the instrument
  • Visibility to inventory age distribution
  • Benchmark your asset performance to global peers

Asset Genius

The powerful Asset Genius Solution offers a 360° view of PC-driven laboratory instruments regardless of the manufacturer. Instrument usage, age and service data are instantly correlated. Quickly view multi-dimensional reports that visually pinpoint under-performing, ideally-performing and over-burdened assets. With the learnings from this feature-rich, cloud-based system, you can make informed decisions for capital expense planning, equipment resource management, and maintenance planning optimization.

The Asset Genius Monitoring Solution goes one step farther. With the Asset Genius Monitoring Solution, you can monitor temperature, humidity level, pressure and light of assets and lab conditions, allowing you to return time to your scientists by automating the collection, visualization, and reporting of many of your most critical lab assets. And with 24/7 monitoring and alert notifications, you can have total confidence in your assets – and your lab environment.

PerkinElmer Launches Asset Genius System for Remote Laboratory Monitoring

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OneSource Insights-as-a-Service

Ideal for busy teams that need consultative support to achieve better performance. Our data analysts and domain experts analyze comprehensive OneSource® data to develop and deliver in-person quarterly recommendations designed to optimize, integrate and accelerate lab operations.

Our experts deliver recommendations that include:

  • Instrument and vendor consolidation
  • Unscheduled downtime analysis
  • Total cost of ownership / trends
  • System usage optimization
  • Capital equipment planning
  • Preventive maintenance optimization


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