Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is arguably the most critical step within the analytical process. Studies have reported that sample preparation can represent up to 60 % of a laboratory technicians timetable and also forms one of the principal sources of error. Sample preparation undoubtedly has a fundamental impact on the subsequent quality of analysis affecting a wide range of analytical parameters.

A variety of proven techniques, such as filtration, digestion, dialysis, liquid/liquid extraction and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), are routinely adopted in today's analytical laboratories to resolve the vast array of sample preparation demands.

At PerkinElmer, we provide sample preparation supplies from microwave systems to Solid Phase Extraction. Our offering doesn’t stop there. With a trusted support team and support materials your sample preparation needs will be answered.

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Microwave Sample Preparation

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Multiwave 3000 Consumables

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Sample Filtration

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Sample Preparation Block Systems and Supplies

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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Columns

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