Atomic Absorption (AA) Spectroscopy

PerkinElmer has been the undisputed global leader in atomic absorption (AA) for over 50 years ... and we still value customer service as if we were just breaking into the business. Whether your needs are flame or graphite furnace AA , we have the experience to help you choose, plus Syngistix for AA software and a complete array of consumables and accessories designed to satisfy your needs. How can we help you?

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Atomic Absorption Autosamplers

Do More - improve throughput with automatic sample handling and introduction with PerkinElmer Autosamplers...  View more

Atomic Absorption Consumables & Accessories

Analytical Quality with Genuine PerkinElmer Parts - Based on over 40 years of experience in atomic spectroscopy,...  View more

Atomic Absorption Instruments

As the undisputed global leader in atomic absorption (AA) spectrometry, PerkinElmer continues its tradition...  View more

Atomic Absorption Software

Leveraging the full capabilities of PerkinElmer’s PinAAcle and AAnalyst atomic absorption instruments...  View more