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  • In vivo Fluorescent Agents

    IVISense Transferrin Receptor 750 Fluorescent Probe (Transferrin-Vivo)

    Transferrin is an important serum protein that mediates iron transport into cells via the transferrin receptor, a function that is essential for cell growth and metabolism.

    PerkinElmer’s IVISense Transferrin Receptor 750 fluorescent probe (Transferrin-Vivo) is a NIR-labeled in vivo imaging probe that detects transferrin receptor levels associated with an altered metabolic need for iron in cancer and inflammatory cells. IVISense Transferrin Receptor 750 fluorescent agent also detects normal transferrin receptor levels in the liver as well as decreased expression due to altered iron metabolism associated with drug-induced liver injury.

    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    List Price : 752.00 USD