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  • In vivo Fluorescent Agents

    IVISense Vascular Fluorescent Probes (AngioSense)

    In vivo optical imaging of vascular changes and vascular leak is an emerging modality for studying altered physiology in a variety of different cancers and inflammatory states. In oncology, increases in tumor vascular permeability can be an early indicator of tumor angiogenesis. In inflammatory disease increased vascular permeability can indicate alterations in fluid homeostasis in an acute edema response or in chronic organ conditions.

    PerkinElmer’s IVISense Vascular NIR fluorescent probes (AngioSense®) are designed to evaluate vascular changes to better understand various disease states or provide valuable information on the effects of drug candidates earlier in the development process.

    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


    List Price : 640.00 USD