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  • Alpha SureFire Ultra Multiplex phospho/TotalInsulin Receptor β

    The Alpha SureFire® Ultra Multiplex phospho-Insulin Receptor β (Tyr1150/1151) + Total Insulin Receptor β assay kit is used to measure both the phosphorylation (on Tyr1150/1151) and total levels of endogenous Insulin Receptor β in cellular lysates. The assay is an ideal system for the screening of modulators of receptor activation (e.g. agonists and antagonists) as well as agents acting intracellularly, such as small molecule inhibitors of signal transduction. The assay will measure Insulin-1 Receptor β phosphorylation by either recombinant or endogenous receptors, and can be applied to primary cells.
    List Price : 22700.00 USD