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  • Semi-Demountable Spacers - Assorted

    This packet of Semi-Demountable Assorted Spacers includes a selection of rectangular teflon spacers for use with the Universal-Demountable Cell (L1270986).

    Please note: When rectangular windows and spacers are used, the Universal Demountable Cell becomes a Semi-Demountable Cell.

    List Price : 189.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Liquids Sampling Starter Pack

    The Liquids Sampling Starter Pack contains a Universal Demountable Cell Mount (L1270986), a set of Circular KBr Windows (L1271202), a set of Rectangular KBr Windows (L1271292), a package of 10 mm Round Teflon Spacers (51001137), and a package of Assorted Teflon Spacers (L1270421).

    List Price : 1122.00 USD