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  • ChemACX


    The PerkinElmer Available Chemicals Exchange (ChemACX) is a robust database providing a unified, up-to-date, structure-searchable source of more than 20 million substances and 37 million products from over 780 suppliers worldwide – including large suppliers such as Sigma Aldrich, Fisher Scientific, Acros, and TCI America, as well as many smaller specialized niche suppliers.

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  • Data Sheet

    PerkinElmer Signals Notebook: Which version is right for me?

    Signals Notebook, the modern, cloud-native electronic lab notebook, is available in different versions so it’s tailored for just what you need to capture, organize, and share your research data. Get all the details here.

  • White Paper

    PerkinElmer Signals™ Notebook ChemSearch

    Learn how social media technologies have been applied to one ELN to deliver search results in milliseconds across millions of structures - introducing ChemSearch, a new chemical cartridge. This new NoSQL Chemistry Cartridge offers exact, substructure, and similarity search capabilities with performance at scale to accelerate your work. Download your free copy today.

  • Flyer

    Signals Notebook: The Only Cloud ELN with ChemDraw

    All the basics about why Signals Notebook is the ELN for your organization.

  • White Paper

    Understanding the Benefits of ChemDraw Embedded in an ELN

    Research scientists are challenged to make discoveries faster, consistently document and analyze their work, and easily collaborate. When frequently-used tools are integrated into their workflows, it can save valuable man hours. Read this paper to understand the value of ChemDraw embedded in an electronic lab notebook. See how much time you can save.

  • Article

    Find Value in Volume: Application of Big Data Analytics

    Thanks to technology, scientific research can now generate more data than ever before. However, the sheer volumes produced are outstripping the capacities and capabilities of traditional data analysis, thus potentially burying many key discoveries. Big data analytics is the process of examining and parsing these large and varied data sets, looking for trends and associations not readily evident or accessible via traditional methods. The ability to harness big data will be instrumental to the future of all aspects of biological research, ranging from climate and the environment to healthcare and therapeutics.

    Download this eBook to learn about:

    1. How predictive data analytics can drive new breakthroughs
    2. Accelerating data analysis in research and development
    3. Big data solutions
    4. Deriving insights from publicly available data

  • Case Study

    Enhancing Productivity with a Collaboration Solution

    Fit-for-Business Informatics in Agrochemicals: Case Study

    Learn about:

    1. The link between data optimization and the ability to compete against the dominant business players in the agrochemicals arena
    2. Evaluation parameters used to identify fit-for-purpose ELN and analytics solutions to serve management and end users
    3. Success measures driving improved lab productivity when seeking new active ingredient classes

    UK-based Redag Crop Protection is an organization dedicated to the discovery of novel agrochemicals. For Redag, successfully growing its niche in pursuing original manufacturer patents to find innovative molecule designs meant that it needed to activate an informatics solution that enabled faster access to critical scientific and business information.

    Read how Redag was able to drive lab productivity and accelerate time-to-discovery for their scientists with PerkinElmer's informatics platform featuring the E-Notebook lab notebook, ChemDraw® and TIBCO Spotfire®.

  • White Paper

    Top Ten ChemDraw® Tips and Tricks That Many ChemDraw® Users Don’t Know About

    Attention ChemDraw® Friends and Followers - get a brand new set of ChemDraw tips and tricks! Some of these are old favorites, and others are brand new for the latest release of ChemDraw, an industry-leading chemical communication solution. These tips will save you valuable time when drawing and publishing chemical structures. Download your free copy today.

  • Specification Sheet

    Signals Notebook Hardware and Software Guide

    Check out the technical requirements that will ensure your Signals Notebook deployment goes smoothly.