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Variable Pathlength Cell Holder for LAMBDA 465

Includes 1 cell holder. The variable pathlength cell holder for the LAMBDA 465 is an easy to install accessory for rectaungular cells of varying pathlength. The partition plate allows cells to be supported throughout analysis, and it accommodates 5, 10, 20, 40, 50 and 100 mm pathlength cells.

Part Number N4104003
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The LAMBDA 465 has a wavelength of 190-1100 nm and a single beam array photometric system. The source lamp of this instrument is tungsten and deuterium with a beam height of 15 mm and has a temperature range between 15° and 35 °C with humidity up to 80% non-condensing. Applications for the LAMBDA 465 includes scanning, wavelength program, time drive, kinetics, scanning kinetics, quant, quant scanning, life science, and bio assays.


Model Compatible With LAMBDA 465
Product Group Cell Holders