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Glass Water-Cooled Baffled Cyclonic Spray Chamber with Gas Port for ELAN DRC/DRCplus/DRC II

This glass water-cooled baffled cyclonic spray chamber, with gas port and ball joint connection, is used with ELAN® DRC, DRCplus, and DRC II ICP-MS series instruments.

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The water-cooled design permits the introduction of coolant for temperature control. Thermostatting to constant temperature helps ensure highly reproducible results and long term stability. Can also be cooled to suppress volatilization, allowing the direct aspiration of highly volatile solvents such as naphtha and petrol/gasoline. Recommended for light organic solvents and chromatography use.

The baffled cyclonic spray chamber features a central transfer tube which acts as a secondary particle separator, helping separate larger aerosol particles from the sample. This reduces solvent load in the plasma without compromising detection limits. The position of the baffle is carefully controlled to ensure smooth draining and improved precision. The baffle is cut at a sharp angle so that a large cross-section of the spray chamber is sampled, ensuring representative sampling and reduced matrix effects.

  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Volume: 50 mL
  • Low RSD's due to highly accurate construction
  • Application uptake range 0. 2 to 3.0 mL/min
  • Produces smaller mean droplet size than standard spray chamber
  • Positive stop for reproducible nebulizer insertion
  • Convenient UniFit


Material Glass
Product Compatibility ELAN DRC II
Product Group Spray Chambers
Type Baffled and Cyclonic