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CaF2 Parallel Oyster Cell for Specac Pearl

Oyster cells offer defined, consistent and repeatable pathlengths, and they are offered as parallel or as wedged cells to eliminate fringing. The Parallel Oyster Cell for the Specac Pearl is comprised of of two halves (top and bottom). The bottom half determines the pathlength. This allows for configuration of two different pathlengths for one cell.

Part Number L6311024
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The versatility of the Oyster sample cell for the Specac Pearl FT-IR liquid transmission cell allows a wide range of samples to be analyzed quickly and easily. The Lift and Tilt mechanism of the Oyster cell allows for the top of the cell assembly to be lifted and tilted to one side allow for easy sample changes and cleaning. The Oyster is ideal for handling highly viscous samples such as oils and greases. For volatile samples, sample injection through an access port at the top of the Oyster cell allows for easy sample introduction. Viewing windows located at the top and bottom of the Oyster cell allow the user to view the sample and ensure no bubbles are trapped.

A complete Oyster cell is comprised of a separate top and bottom window assembly which are brought together to create a defined and repeatable path length. The top window assembly of the Oyster cell is placed as a precision fit over the bottom window assembly. The complete Oyster cell sits horizontally within the sliding tray of the Pearl optical unit. The top window assembly for a particular window material is common to all complete Oyster cells.


Material Calcium Fluoride
Path Length 25.00 µm
Product Brand Name Oyster
Product Group Specialty Cells
Technology Type IR


Part Number Path Length
L6311024 25 µm
L6311025 50 µm
L6311026 100 µm
L6311027 200 µm
L6311028 500 µm
L6311029 1000 µm