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Particle XPRESS Online Introduction System

The Particle Xpress controls the fluidics of the particle counting analysis as well as the collection of the sample into a loop for ICP, analysis. The use of a syringe module provides a consistent flowrate during particle counting analysis which is crucial to the reproducibility of the results. Particle Xpress comprises three components: syringe module, six port switching valve, and electronics module. The Particle Xpress Precision Sample Introduction System is an add on for the Oils 7400 Autosampler and the PPS Particle Counter for conducting automated particle counting.

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Adding automated particle counting to your laboratory workflow will save on manual labor and free up personnel for other vital tasks. The system is available as an online package for conducing both particle counting and ICP analysis from a single sample or as an offline package for particle counting only.


  • Perform faster analysis
  • Consume less sample
  • Use less rinse solvent
  • Get more reproducible results
  • Eliminate tedious manual labor


  • Particle Xpress control Module
  • Valve module with 6 port oils valve
  • Pump module with 10 mL Syringe
  • 1.5 mm stainless steel sample probe with filtered tip
  • Sample and buffer loops
  • Valve mounting bracket and screws
  • Particle size sensor mount
  • General tubing and completion kit
  • Interface connect cables (DB9 & USB)
  • Power supply with US, UK & European plugs


Product Brand Name Teledyne CETAC
Product Group Rapid Sample Introduction Systems
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