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Microcell Glass Polarimeter Cell, 100 mm, Capacity: 1.0 mL

High efficiency. Thermostattable. No birefringence effects. Easy to fill, easy to empty, with no loss of sample. Fits all our Polarimeters (Models 141, 241, 241 MC, 243, 341, and 343).

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Use PerkinElmer polarimetry cells to maintain the high level of accuracy and precision of your PerkinElmer Polarimeter.

They are manufactured by a special process in which the windows are fused to the cell bodies to ensure that they are free of tension. Because the windows are not mechanically inserted, birefringence effects, which could affect the accuracy of your reading, are eliminated. To make PerkinElmer cells easy to identify, a defined pathlength is engraved on each cell. All cells are jacketed for thermostatting with constant temperature water, except for one flowcell. Cells are designed for easy filling and emptying, with no loss of sample.

The filling ports are arranged so that liquid flows over the inner window surfaces. In addition to the cells listed here, a wide variety of cells made of fused silica are available. These cells are used for measurements of optical rotation in the ultraviolet range or at elevated temperatures.


Material Optical Glass
Product Group Polarimetry Cell
Volume Capacity 1 mL