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HGA L`vov Graphite Platforms, Pkg. 20

The L'vov platform is a small plate of solid pyrolytic graphite that's inserted into compatible graphite tubes. It has a slight depression in the center which can accommodate up to 50mL of solution.

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The function of the L'vov platform is to isolate the sample from the tube walls to allow more reproducible atomization of the sample through indirect heating. The platform heats primarily by the radiation given off from the tube walls. Sample vaporization and atomization occur after the tube reaches a steady-state temperature.

Use of the L'vov platform provides:

  • Vaporization into a higher temperature gas atmosphere producing more free atoms, which reduce interferences
  • Longer tube life through reduced attack by sample matrix and reagents.

The platforms are compatible with PerkinElmer HGA graphite tubes part number B0137111, B0121092, B3001254


Product Brand Name PerkinElmer
Product Group HGA Graphite Platforms
Style L'vov Groove
Type Standard
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Product Note

Technical Note

Analytical Quality with Genuine PerkinElmer Graphite Parts

The production of high-quality graphite components for atomic absorption spectroscopy requires stringent quality control. To ensure high quality and consistency, a specific high-density base graphite material has been developed for use with PerkinElmer graphite furnace systems.

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