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Tablet Analyzer with Autosampler

The PerkinElmer Tablet Analyzer enables non-destructive, whole tablet testing at high speeds and provides more sample matrix information to test tablet uniformity easily and confidently. Deploy at many points throughout the development and manufacturing cycle, from formulation development to final product release and meet demands for higher productivity while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Part Number L1280071
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Product recalls and cGMP violations due to sub-potency and tablet dissolution are two common challenges faced by pharmaceutical analysts and QA/QC managers in tablet testing post manufacturing. Serious bottlenecks in production and batch releases can occur without a fast, reliable and non-destructive technique for measurement of content uniformity after tablet pressing.

The Tablet Analyzer with autosampler offers a new approach to improving process and product quality in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing. Rapid, non-destructive, whole-tablet analyses deliver vital information about active content and batch uniformity, meeting the demands of the industry and its regulators. The Tablet Autosampler System consists of a Spectrum 3 FT-NIR Spectrometer coupled to an autosampler with transmission/ reflectance optics and InGaAs detectors.

Key features include:

  • 30-position autosampler
  • Transmission and reflectance modes for full-tablet and dry powder characterization
  • Custom sample molds accommodate different-sized tablets and minimize stray light
  • Controlled by AssureID software - workflow design decreases operator error and reduces training costs
  • Full technical compliance with 21 CFR Part 11


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Product Brand Name Tablet Analyzer
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Application Note

Creating Custom Tablet Holders for Tablet Autosampler

The application note provides information on a custom mold system that optimizes data quality for whole tablet measurements.

PDF 956 KB
Whole Tablet Measurements using Tablet Analyzer

This application note describes the application of NIR tablet transmission measurements to determine the active content of whole tablets.


Product Note

Tablet Analyzer with Near-Infrared Autosampler

The product note decribes how a tablet autosampler can be deployed at many points throughout the development and manufacturing cycle for tighter control of quality, less waste and reduced rework costs.

PDF 390 KB