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Brownlee HRes Aqueous C18 100 mm 2.1 mm 1.9 µm

The Aqueous C18 contains a proprietary polar side chain functionally bonded C18 that provides a more well balanced retention profile for both polar and non-polar compounds than a traditional C18. It provides both high reproducibility and compatibility with a wide variety of mobile phases including 100% aqueous mobile phases.

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Detail Information

Brownlee Analytical DB columns are moderately retentive HPLC and sub-2 μm UHPLC columns built on a foundation of high purity, base-deactivated silica that is optimized for UHPLC performance. These columns are available in 3 and 5 μm HPLC particle sizes, as well as a 1.9 μm UHPLC particle size. The silica manufacturing and phase bonding processes are identical for all particle sizes in this series resulting in method scalability from HPLC (3 and 5 μm) to UHPLC (1.9 μm), or vice versa. In addition, the larger 140 Å pore size allows analysis of a range of compounds from small molecules to short peptides while the base deactivation makes these columns appropriate for the analysis of acidic, neutral and basic compounds.


Inner Diameter 2.1 mm
Length 100.0 mm
Particle Size 1.9 µm
Phase Aq C18
Product Brand Name Analytical DB