The Triple Quad That Surpasses Expectations - QSight® 220/420 UHPLC-MS/MS Overview


In this webinar, PerkinElmer’s senior field application scientist, Sheng-Suan (Victor) Cai will give an overview of several key and unique features of the highly sensitive QSight UHPLC-MS/MS triple quadruple mass spectrometer. These features set QSight apart from other triple quad mass spectrometer in the analytical instrument market. Following the instrument overview, Victor will present several QSight based applications for high sensitivity and high throughput analyses of multi-pesticide residue in fruits, antibiotics in milk, pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCP) in water, etc. We look forward to seeing you in the webinar.

Featured Topics:

  1. Dual ESI/APCI Source
  2. StayClean Ion Source - Hot-Surface-Induced Desolvation (HSID) system.
  3. Laminar Flow Ion Guide
  4. UniField Detector
  5. SimplicityTM 3Q Software
  6. Detection Limits