Mining Symposium: Driving the EV Industry for Success


In this virtual symposium, the series of webinars and resources are focused on important advances in mining market macrotrends, analytical testing techniques, and their applications. Leading analytical scientists have brought you these resources themed: Driving the EV Industry for Success, Keeping the High in High-Tech for High Quality Electronics and Advanced Solutions for Advanced Alloys.

As different end products require different levels of raw materials purity to meet product development and production needs, mining companies, battery and electronics manufacturers and others look to optimize their labs and methods for today and for what’s to come.

Here, we have collected the webinar presentations and related application work for your convenience; click any of the topics to enjoy.

Impurity Analysis of Lithium Powders by ICP-MS

In this presentation, Dr. Ruth Merrifield discusses the challenges of testing different levels of impurities in lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide powders and the ICP-MS solutions to overcome them.

Digging Deep into REEs with ICP-MS

Andrew Rams digs into analyzing rare earth element (REE) deposits with the analysis of lithium borate fusion with several unique attributes for increased robustness, versatility in gas reaction and mixing, and more.

Analysis of Titanium Alloys with ICP-OES

Estephany Marillo-Sialer presents on the determination of impurities in alloying metals by ICP-OES and demonstrates the accuracy of trace and alloying elements detection and multicomponent spectral fitting.

Refining and Recycling High Purity Metals

Dr. Ruth Merrifield discusses elemental analysis for final product purity, interim material analysis for stage of the refining process, and chemical “feed contamination” analyses.