Impurity Analysis in Electronic Specialty Materials (ESMs)


We all know Chips are essential for a host of day to day products which need memory and operating semiconducting chips in their manufacture - from phones to cars, to commercial and industrial equipment. Improvements in analytical laboratory techniques are essential for the continuous development of global manufacturing processes.

Listen as experienced R&D research chemist Chris Sparks Ph.D explains the need for contamination control during the production process of semiconductor wafers and the electronic specialty materials which go into making them. Chris has over 30 years experience in the field and works at the Balazs laboratory in Austin Texas which is part of multinational industrial gases company Airliquide. As part of his work, he uses PerkinElmer's ICP-MS solutions combined with a (GED) Gas Direct Injection device to focus on trace contamination testing and surface analysis of ESM materials.

In this presentation, he helps you to understand how to determine the best testing protocol for your needs, sharing his insights on;

  • Particle and non-particle contamination control
  • Critical metals and trace metal detection levels using (direct injection) GED-ICP-MS
  • Future technology requirements for surface environmental contamination control
  • Specialty gases and precursor materials analyses
  • Comparison of hydrolysis, filtration and residue sample methods for CO2

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