eXXpedition Round the World: Studying Plastic Pollution in our Global Ocean

eXXpedition is a non-profit organization running all-women research sailing voyages focused on investigating the causes and sources of plastic pollution in our oceans.

In this webinar, eXXpedition’s Science Lead gives an overview of the different scientific investigations carried out during their round-the-world expedition. Research included studying the flows of plastics from land into the environment and analyzing microplastics in samples collected from surface water, the water column and the seafloor to study their distribution, potential sources and how they interact with the ecosystem.

Collected samples were analyzed in near-real time using the PerkinElmer Spectrum Two FT-IR spectrometer solution which provides data on chemical classification of plastics in each sample, which in turn can potentially identify their source.

Watch the webinar now to find out more about the project.

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