USDA Explanation

AM5200-A – US only

As of May 2013, USDA GIPSA implemented UGMA technology grain moisture meters (Perten AM5200-A) into the Official grain inspection system. Grain calibrations for these UGMA technology moisture meters are developed by GIPSA in cooperation with the manufacturer to correct for changes in regional growing conditions and genetic variations over time. When necessary, new calibration updates will be released May 1st and August 1st depending on the grain type.

What does this mean for you and your moisture meter?

All grain being officially graded in the US as well as other countries, will be graded for moisture using UGMA technology with the most current calibrations. To ensure your moisture meter is accurate and in close alignment with meters within FGIS, it's important to keep your instrument updated with the latest calibration updates. Whether you are a processor, exporter, terminal, country elevator, mill, or producer, for Perten customers we make this process simple. Click here to view our simple options to update your calibrations.