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FL 8500 Fluorescence Spectrometer w/ Software

With our new fluorescence spectroscopy instruments, your laboratory can generate accurate and reliable fluorescence data, regardless of the operator’s experience level. Together, the instruments make up the most complete fluorescence portfolio, allowing your laboratory to tackle any application challenge. Both instruments have interchangeable, plug n play accessories that are auto-recognized by the software, minimizing downtime between accessory changes.

Part Number N4200030
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Detail Information

The intuitive software mirrors your laboratory workflow to streamline method development and get you from lamp warm-up to data reporting in mere minutes. We designed these instruments with the customer in mind. All the features we added were to make analysis and maintenance of the instrument easy for customers. With intuitive software, our 26 diverse plug-n-play accessories outshine your expectations.

The FL 8500 instrument features and benefits include:

  • Continuous Wave Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Uses a Xenon Arc (150 W) lamp source
  • Greater sensitivity and wavelength scan speed. This is the instrument of choice when your sample is not prone to photo-bleaching or cannot be easily destroyed.
  • High sensitivity measurements at scan speeds of up to 60,000 nm/min.
  • Superior accuracy for right first time results
  • Rapid scanning increases sample throughput and maximizes your productivity
  • Compact footprint to free up valuable bench space (occupies only 26 inches of bench space)
  • High sensitivity allows for accurate measurement of diluted or small sample amounts
  • Ideally suited for material characterization, molecular biology, agricultural and environmental analysis, and industrial tracing
  • Up to 2,000 hour long lived Xenon light sourcewhole wavelength range up to 900 nm
  • Replacing bulb can be done solely without the assistance of service [need to add bit about standard software]