Software and Informatics Solutions

Your lab produces massive amounts of digital data that you need to sift through, analyze, visualize, and share. The productivity of your lab depends on the integration and automation of processes combined with efficient workflow management. As scientists and engineers ourselves, we understand what software you need to run your lab efficiently and to produce accurate and reproducible results.

PerkinElmer Informatics brings over 25 years of expertise to the marketplace, having developed innovative technologies that have shaped the informatics landscape such as pioneering chemical drawing software, electronic laboratory notebooks, LIMS and instrument integration applications. Our solutions blend social networking, personal publication, and refined data mining to assist internal and external research communication and management.

Whether you're looking for a LIMS or a technology-specific solution, we have software packages suited for labs of every size. For example:

Chromera Used for elemental speciation analysis and built from scratch based on customer input. It’s the first CDS developed keeping specific UHPLC in mind. Any page is only one or two clicks away.

Columbus An IT solution designed for high-volume image data management and analysis. This web-based system was developed with open microscopy standards, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution for high volume image data management. Columbus supports a wide variety of file formats —which vastly simplifies the process of gathering, analyzing and sharing the image data your produce.

Specimen Gate® Our flagship software for genetic screening programs that is being rapidly adopted globally. Unlike other LIMSs, Specimen Gate has been designed exclusively for screening programs. Modular in its design, it provides a total solution, meeting needs at every stage of the screening process.