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EnVision Multimode Plate Reader

The EnVision® 2105 multimode plate reader provides exceptional speed, ultra-high throughput, and maximum sensitivity across all detection technologies. Tried and tested, the EnVision microplate reader gives you robust performance and reliable data for high throughput screening, time after time.


The EnVision 2105 model delivers even higher sensitivity for time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) applications, and the Enhanced Security software option includes tools to facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for integration into regulated environments (GxP).

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Part Number 2105-0010
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


2018 Winner of SelectScience® Seal of Quality


Seals of Quality recognize the top 0.1% of laboratory products that consistently receive the highest customer review ratings and are designed to further assist scientists worldwide in making important purchasing decisions for their labs.

Our gold standard for high-throughput screening, the EnVision provides exceptional sensitivity and speed with minimal downtime – backed by our global network of application scientists and engineers.

Our Alpha and LANCE® reagents are developed and optimized on the EnVision plate reader so you can be confident of accurate results. Plus, we can cite over 15,000 published papers that attest to its real-world performance across a broad range of applications.

  • Our state-of-the-art, dual-detector model is among the fastest HTS readers in the market
  • Choose from detection technologies including AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA®, fluorescence, ultra-sensitive luminescence, absorbance, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) and TR-FRET, for example to detect PerkinElmer’s DELFIA and LANCE assay technologies
  • Time resolved fluorescence certified for use with HTRF® technology
  • Maximum speed and sensitivity with proprietary Direct Optics technology
  • Hybrid system combining filters for sensitivity and monochromators for assay flexibility
  • Laser excitation technology for time-resolved fluorescence modes for the best available TRF performance
  • Laser technology for high throughput for AlphaScreen assays
  • Low detection levels for high throughput screening applications so you can be confident that you are not missing any leads.

Two configurations are available, which both offer the same unsurpassed sensitivity and analytical performance

  • The EnVision 2105 HTS multimode plate reader - a super-fast, dual-detector reader designed specifically to support demanding high-throughput discovery applications.
  • The EnVision 2105 XCite multimode plate reader – a single-detector system ideal for the most challenging research and assay development applications. The EnVision  XCite multimode plate reader is upgradeable to the EnVision HTS multimode plate reader.

Technologies included

  • Filter based fluorescence intensity (top and bottom)
  • Time-resolved fluorescence (top and bottom)
  • Luminescence, including glow, flash and dual luminescence
  • Filter-based absorbance
  • Fluorescence Polarization

Optional technologies

  • Standard AlphaLISA/AlphaScreen/Alpha
  • High-throughput AlphaLISA/AlphaScreen/Alpha
  • Monochromator-based fluorescence intensity
  • Monochromator-based absorbance detection
  • Laser-based time-resolved fluorescence
  • Ultra-sensitive luminescence

​​Key Features

  • Proprietary Direct Double Optics deliver a full lens system for maximum speed and sensitivity (EnVision 2105 HTS system only)
  • The fastest mode uses an innovative "on the fly"-detection - making EnVision exceptionally fast in measuring absorbance or fluorescence intensity on a 1536-well plate - less than 36 seconds including plate loading times
  • Field upgradeable for changing application needs
  • User-changeable, label-specific optical mirror modules and filters for assay customization with positive identification of measurement configuration (barcodes)

The Spectra Viewer tool helps you visualize the spectral compatibility of fluorophores and fluorescent labelled probes so you can determine what filters are best for detection. Choose the appropriate PerkinElmer multimode plate reader from the Select Machine drop-down menu. After selection, filters for the chosen instrument will be displayed automatically.

See full list of filters in the Resources tab.


  • 2 channel dispenser
  • Plate stacker (20 or 50 plates)
  • Temperature control up to 55ºC
  • Compatible with a wide range of automation systems
  • Spotfire® Analyst for Multimode Detection (MMD) is tailored to the analysis of plate reader data and enables you to visualize, correlate, compare and analyze your data and share freely with your colleagues
  • Integrated barcode reading enables barcode reading from short right side and both long sides of the plate
  • Optional 21 CFR Part 11 support

Outstanding Support

We understand your science and applications. Combine many years’ experience developing and supporting multimode plate readers and reagents with a global network of application scientists and engineers, and you can be confident of minimal downtime.

You can also access our Application Support Knowledge base (ASK) which provides a comprehensive set of technology-specific and application-specific scientific articles, written by our R&D, technical support, and applications teams, enabling you to access scientific support 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Part of a Total Solution for Screening

EnVision is part of our complete solution for screening. For high-throughput screening, we offer assays and reagents, radioimmunoassays and radiometric detection, microplates and automation, in addition to multimode plate readers. We also offer solutions for phenotypic screening such as high-content screening systems and for data analysis such as Signals for Screening.

Selected Publications:

  • The inducible amphisome isolates viral hemagglutinin and defends against influenza A virus infection. Omi, J., Watanabe-Takahashi, M., Igai, K. et al. Nat Commun 11, 162 (2020).
  • A nucleobase-binding pocket in a viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase contributes to elongation complex stability. Wei Shi, Han-Qing Ye, Cheng-Lin Deng, Rui Li, Bo Zhang, Peng Gong. Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 48, Issue 3, 20 February 2020, Pages 1392–1405.
  • Structure of Mpro from COVID-19 virus and discovery of its inhibitors. Zhenming Jin, Xiaoyu Du, Yechun Xu, Yongqiang Deng et al. bioRxiv 2020.02.26.964882;
  • Anthralin Suppresses the Proliferation of Influenza Virus by Inhibiting the Cap-Binding and Endonuclease Activity of Viral RNA Polymerase. Hu Ao, Li Jing, Tang Wei, Liu Ge et al. Frontiers in Microbiology, Volume 11 (2020), Pages 178.
  • Delicate structural coordination of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus Nsp13 upon ATP hydrolysis. Zhihui Jia, Liming Yan, Zhilin Ren, Lijie Wu et al. Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 47, Issue 12, 09 July 2019, Pages 6538–6550,
  • Glycan-binding preferences and genetic evolution of human seasonal influenza A(H3N2) viruses during 1999-2007 in Taiwan. Wang Y-F, Chang C-F, Tsai H-P, Chi C-Y, Su I-J, Wang J-R. PLoS ONE (2018), 13(5): e0196727.
  • Antibody profiles to wheat germ cell-free system synthesized Plasmodium falciparum proteins correlate with protection from symptomatic malaria in Uganda. Kanoi, Bernard N et al. Vaccine (2017), 35(6): 873-881.
  • Novel Small Molecule Entry Inhibitors of Ebola Virus. Basu, Arnab et al. The Journal of Infectious Diseases (2016), 212 Suppl 2:S425-34.
  • A novel multiplex assay for simultaneous quantification of total and S129 phosphorylated human alpha-synuclein. Landeck, Natalie et al. Molecular Neurodegeneration (2016), 11(1):61."
  • Development of two novel high-throughput assays to quantify ubiquitylated proteins in cell lysates: application to screening of new anti-malarials. Mata-Cantero, Lydia et al. Malaria Journal (2015), 14:200.

For additional publications, please visit Google Scholar.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method Absorbance, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Luminescence, Alpha, Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization
Product Brand Name EnVision
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