Drug Discovery & Development

Helping researchers and life science companies advance the discovery and development of drugs and therapeutics.

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Biotherapeutics Research

Biotherapeutics allow researchers to explore new mechanisms for the treatment of a variety of conditions. Our biotherapeutics research products are designed for ...

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Drug Discovery Screening Solutions

Accelerate your lead discovery workflow with PerkinElmer. Our screening solutions can help you identify your drug compound quickly and efficiently to advance it ...

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Lead Optimization

Engineer drug candidates with the lowest risk of failure in the critical latter stages of drug development. Our lead optimization solutions reduce off-target ac ...

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Newest Assays

In the race to keep pace with the speed of your innovation we strive to provide you with the products you need. Every day, our R&D scientists are busy developin ...

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Ensure patient safety and avoid exposure to dangerous drug or drug metabolite levels using our phamacokinetic (PK) characterization and efficacy solutions. Thes ...

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Target Discovery

Accurately identify disease-relevant targets and thoroughly validate each one to ensure downstream success in your drug development. Our phenotype-oriented targ ...

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