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  • LANCE Ulight labeled peptide

    LANCE Ultra ULight-p70 S6K (Thr389) Peptide

    Generic peptide substrate for use in TR-FRET biochemical kinase assays. Refer to Selector Guide for validated kinases. ULight-labeled synthetic peptide containing the amino acid residues surrounding Thr389 of human p70 S6K. The ULight-p70 S6K peptide can be phosphorylated at Thr389 by several kinases including mTOR, COT, HGK, IKKε, IRAK1, IRAK4, MAP4K2, MINK, MST1, MST2, NEK1, NEK2, NEK6, NEK7, PEK, PLK1, and TAOK2. Phosphorylation motif: LGFTYVAP
    List Price : 373.00 USD