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  • Europium-labeled antibody for LANCE assays

    LANCE® Eu-W1024 Anti-phosphotyrosine (PT66)

    Europium-labeled anti-phosphotyrosine (PT66) antibody, for use in LANCE® TR-FRET kinase assays.
    Price Range : 1183.00 USD - 10300.00 USD
  • LANCE Ultra ULight™-IRS-1 (Tyr983) Peptide

    Generic peptide substrate for use in TR-FRET biochemical kinase assays. Refer to Selector Guide for validated kinases. ULight-labeled synthetic peptide derived from residues 979-989 of mouse Insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS-1). The ULight-IRS-1 peptide can be phosphorylated at Tyr983 by INSR and JAK2 kinases. Peptide sequence: CKKSRGDYMTMQIG
    Price Range : 561.00 USD - 1361.00 USD